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July 11th, 2007

Finally! I was wondering when a community like this one would pop up! ^^

I'm Lamees (though I'm often called either Musashi or QuietDragon) and I'm a huge fan of both Aqua and Magma.

But my favorites would have to be the Commanders Izumi/Shelly/Isabel/Angie(?!) and Homura/Tabitha/Harlan.

... Just to avoid confusion, I mostly refer to 'em by their Japanese names. ^^;

I'm also a bit of a HomuIzu/Commandershipping fan.

Well, here's the fanart. ^^


July 9th, 2007

Okay! Welcome welcome to--as far as I managed to find--LJ's premiere community dedicated to the greatness that is Team Aqua and Team Magma! Too long do old standbys like Team Rocket and newcomers like Team Galactic take the spotlight!

Finally, though, there's a place where the two teams of Hoenn (Hence, Houen-dan) can get the recognition they deserve! This community is for anything and everything related to the two groups. Fanart, fics, cosplay, general Pokemon chat, whatever!

Like any good bad guys, we don't have too many rules either, so just join and have a good time!
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