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Because this community hasn't been touched in nearly a year, I…

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domino--by chuchan
Because this community hasn't been touched in nearly a year, I thought we could go for some discussion topics. Granted I'm not the mod, but hey.

-What names do you use for the commanders when writing in English animeverse--Harlan and Isabel or Tabitha and Shelly?

-Would movie 9 have been cooler if Captain Phantom had been an ex-Aqua? Or would it have seemed like so many sloppy seconds?

-How would you torture the anime writers for dropping the ball in so many ways on the "resolution" (such as it was) for the A/M plot?

-In a knock-down, drag-out physical brawl, who would win among the primary Team leaders, Giovanni, Archie, Maxie, or Cyrus?

-Have you joined rocket100 yet? If not, why?

-It's pretty much understood among fans that Archie and Maxie have known each other for a while. Do you agree with this? If so, how do you think they met, and what was their relationship like at first?

BONUS QUESTION-Do you think that this post is too much like a school exam? Take your time, there are no wrong answers.
  • Sadly, as much as I love the sound of Harlan and Isabel, I use Tabitha and Shelly.
    Shelly and Isabel are both awesome, but I prefer Shelly for her.
    Tabitha... well, that's what he's called in the rest of his episodes, so I have to settle for that rather than mix names.

    -prefers Japanese names over all-

    I'd think some of his lackies probably were ex-Aquas. xD

    I'd force 'em to write another episode to redeem Magma and Aqua.

    Archie. Or Cyrus'll surprise us!

    They'd be friends, with a bit of a rivalry going on, I think~ Ash and Gary, later on, like! But not like Ash and Richie, not to that extent.

    Yes, that I do.
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